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May 2, 2006
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Pink Cloud Assembly by TonomuraBix Pink Cloud Assembly by TonomuraBix
Now avaliable as a print!! :D Please see my journal for details! [link]

Please songs tell me true
no matter where I go
your melody'll keep on playing
someday again, even when I get lost on my own
if I can hear it, I can walk on merrily.

-- From "Goodbye" by hide
Lyrics fround at [link]

Merry hide Death Day '06! ( sounds weird to say that XD; )

This year, just like last year, the day really snuck up on me, but I wanted to draw something nice this year. So I totally rushed this and finished it up in a few hours instead of writing an essay. :XD: It's simple... but I still like it. ^^; And the wings didn't turn out as nice as I hoped... I didn't realize how long it's been since I've drawn wings, maybe I got rusty, lol. XD;

The always... I don't even need to say it do I? XD; :fork:

The title of the picture is named after a song of hide's, which is sorta like a remix of Pink Spider.. or well, it's Pink Spider on piano basically. XD; And... this is kinda embaressing... but while I was drawing this I was listening some hide music, and the song Flame came on. It's one of my faves, and occasionally makes me feel sad. But, yeah, I ended up tearing up a bit while listening to it and drawing this. XD;;; :blushes:

At any rate, long live hide! :tears: :heart: :heart: :heart: :headbang:

:skull: Done with prisma colored pencils and watercolor :skull:
Sunsetsurfer21 Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This one is really awesome!! I love her hair! and the wings!!
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